Since 2002, C2 Productions has been bringing our clients’ on-air and online marketing needs to creative life. Whether the brief is big or small, we’ve made a good habit of hitting the production sweet spot - without breaking the budget. We offer a full creative service - from concept, through script and production, to post-production and final mix - all in close consultation and collaboration with the client.

We enjoy what we do. We’d like to believe it shows in our work. It could be the reason we’ve managed to pick up more than afew awards along the way, including an international award for one of our sports campaigns.

Talking about sports - we love them, and have carved a niche in the industry as experts in sports promotion. As it is we’re proud of the long relationship we’ve enjoyed with SuperSport, Africa’s leading sports broadcaster.

But that’s not all we do.

We also create commercials, corporate communication, and educational material. And sometimes we make our own funny stuff, for no other reason than the fact that we love comedy too.

We’re able to straddle these genres because we’re good story tellers, and for us that’s what it’s all about. Tell a good story, in the right way, and the audience will come. That used to mean pitching up at the cave fire to hear what master story teller Oog had to say - nowadays it means staying on the video you’ve clicked on, on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or TikTok, for its full thirty second duration.

These days, the competition for attention is indeed fiercer than a T-Rex battle. But we at the C2 tribe back our ability to get your story seen and heard, and, most importantly, getting the audience to come back for more.

Our most exciting project…is the next one. Maybe that’s yours?