2023 Two Oceans Marathon

April 12, 2023

The Brief:

Create a promo for the 56km ultra-marathon that entices viewers to watch the 7-hour broadcast.

The Solution:

We had a quick turn-around time and smallish budget, so a shoot was out of the question. How would we make this running race stand out from others like The Comrades, Cape Town, and Soweto Marathon? The Two Oceans is an old marathon- but it’s not old enough to let its history drive the creative. And in terms of viewer experience, aren’t all running races pretty much the same? When a truly unique selling point is evasive a simple conceptual approach can work. In this case, we built a narrative around the ‘numbers’ associated with the event, knowing that it would culminate in an event name that had a number in it- i.e. Two. Not rocket science. But when you add emotion with music, shot selection and a meditative title design, you’re able to create a promo that moves the heart, and engages the mind. And if you’re lucky, Inspiration gifts you a strong line of copy like ‘a million human emotions.’