2023 Vitality Netball World Cup

July 4, 2023

The Brief:

Create a promo that captures the high energy and competition of the event.

The Solution:

The client already had a big-budget shot commercial for this event, but felt that they needed additional content on air and social platforms that perhaps aligned a little better with the SuperSport brand. Whilst the commercial was certainly well-produced and did a job, it didn’t quite capture the energy of the fierce competition at the heart of the event. This should always be something that a sports content brand like SuperSport shows its audience that it knows well. With the licence to create a more aggressive, tough promo we went searching for a piece of music to match, and found one with a Kanye West vibe. The title-design was already established through an existing print campaign, so all we had to do was make it come to life in motion. Client was very happy that we were able to deliver on their quite-particular brief and the promo provides a real burst of energy on air.