FIFA Women's World Cup Launch

August 4, 2023

The Brief:

Create a high-aesthetic promo to enhance the channel’s broadcast and social promo campaigns

The Solution:

The ‘shine’ concept was originally conceptualised for the 2023 Netball World Cup, and was to feature the silhouettes of netball players, playing against a rising sun. The shoot was in pre-production when the client decided that they’d rather use the concept for the Women’s Football World Cup, as their existing campaign was created from stock-footage and they felt they also wanted something a little more polished. The concept had to be tweaked from ‘Africa’s chance to shine’ (by hosting its first Netball World Cup) to the footballers needing to ‘shine’ in performance, if they want to be champions of the world. We filmed sunrise and sunset to maximise our chances of getting some good unscripted footage and our regular DOP delivered the goods. Happy to say the end result turned out great, even if the process began literally on the other foot.