SuperSport May 2023 Highlights

May 19, 2023

The Brief:

Create a promo highlighting SuperSport’s tentpole events in May

The Solution:

SuperSport does these highlights promos every month, so ours had a known context into which it would slot. The April Highlights was a dramatic, almost operatic affair, so we wanted to offset that with some punk energy that doesn’t take itself too seriously. This is reflected, of course, in the music track, but also in the kitsch neon sign title animation and breakneck-speed edit. Shot selection is a mixture of the usual high-octane energy and big sports names we’ve come to expect on SuperSport, as well as the fun, character-driven shots we’ve scattered here and there. The final image, that captures the excited kid in us all, is one of those shots you’re lucky to stumble upon twice in a promo-making year.