UEFA Champions League 2022/23

February 22, 2023

The Brief:

Launch and maintain the new UCL season as presented by SuperSport, whilst communicating the prestigious place it holds in world football.

The Solution:

There’s a lot of football promoted on SuperSport so we really wanted to raise the ‘class’ of this event in our campaign- both in concept and aesthetic. The concept of footballers shining their ‘talent-light’ was retro-engineered from the UCL’s official logo- featuring a ball of connected stars. As we wanted the aesthetic to be elevated from the usual motion GFX approach we 3D-printed a ball of connected stars, projected archive UCL footage onto the stars, and filmed it. The footage was then incorporated into the edit and given a polish-over with animation and GFX effects. We achieved the result we were hoping for- a promo that has the presence and gravitas of the world-class event it’s promoting