2014 Australian Open

The Australian Open is known for its harsh and extreme temperatures, which ether makes or breaks the players’ tournament. The concept theme that drove The Australian Open 2015 was almost like following the arch of a new relationship… first is the play full courtship… next is the seductively hot foreplay,  that ends in a dripping sweat orgasmic climactic crescendo. Using the major heat factor as the core foundation, this concept sat on the edge between subtle sensuality and player’s phenomenal skill and physical adaptability to deal with the harsh conditions down under.  A seductively paced music underscore and sensually focused SFX audio, like deep and controlled exhaled breaths intensified the overall mood. We graphically accentuated the scorching heat factor by stylizing a subtle heat haze that visually shaped and contoured the player’s full experience. Ultimately our promo encapsulates what the Australian Open 2015 is all about… “Hot tennis… is hot tennis”