Australia vs SA T20 Series

The rivalry between Australia and South Africa in the international cricket arena is far more intense than any other on the world stage. So intense in fact, one could argue that the rivalry was poetic. With this in mind, we set out to create a spot that spoke both to the excitement of the T20 and the poetic rivalry between these two giants. Using an all ready written masterpiece, “IF” – by Rudyard Kipling, as our back drop, we set out to create the greatest piece of poetry ever written… But, as none of us are Lords of poetry, we took a step back and asked ourselves, is this the best approach to bring out the excitement of this particular T20 series? Is a poem modern and ‘hip’ enough to speak to our audience? The answer was a simple, NO. And so the RAP was born. By combining a well timed edit, beautifully designed overlays and a one of a kind rap and backing track, we were able to create an epic spot that stands out on air and is true to the tournament and to the SuperSport brand.