UEFA Euro 2012

The Euro Champs is held every 4 years and brings together some of the biggest names in the footballing world. It makes history with television viewership, reaching plateaus’ of 4.5 billion. Last year, we exceeded expectations in S.A/Africa and brought about a 49% increase in viewership from our campaign. The challenge was quite unique, the competition holds its own but we needed viewers to feel a part of our campaign. So, how could we initiate something in viewers that would spark a feeling of warmth and sentimentalism? By playing on nostalgia – we veered towards legendary footballers that played in the past Euro Champs, who were ‘immortalized’ for their impact on the game. This sparked an ‘I remember that’ moment in the viewer. The narrative followed the path of a footballer, nobody knew who he was but it created a message that he was preparing for immortality. The campaign pulled through 360 degrees, selling decoders and promoting the event.