Castle Lager Rugby Championship

The Castle Lager Rugby Championship is globally known as the toughest… most skilled… nose to the grind aggressive kind of rugby.
Simply… it’s the ultimate definition of modern day rugby. Our overall theme that hammered home this point is “Rugby’s toughest
neighbourhood”. This defined theme guided us in the direction to create a gritty yet stylized visual and acoustic experience using both dynamic urban locations as strong visual backdrops and poignantly visually striking gritty street signs as the main elements to get this message visually across. To take the viewer experience to the next level, we used strong high impact footage, stylistically inserted distressed graphically strong phrases onto the gritty street signs, and strategically created a shaped aggressive sound design audio experience. Using this 360 experience builds the anticipation…. the tension … the tough and hard rugby experience … that will pull the viewer into the excitement that is the Castle Lager Rugby Championship experience.