Barclays Premier League 2012/13

This is a biggie in our industry…we received the pitch brief, we pitched, we won…and here we are! The Barclays Premier League celebrated 20 years with this season, so naturally…we brainstormed a concept around 20 years in the making to bring you the best one yet! The Premier League is all about the unrelenting drama, the egos, the money and the best football in the world – the challenge was trying to bring all that together in one season long campaign.

Treatment style was edgy, grungy and in your face…we used a lot of stories over the last 20 years that built up our launch and the maintenance going forward. Music was also an integral part to creating something outstanding, so we got in touch with Danish rap group – Skamslakker and used their EA FIFA Street song ‘Maskinen’ as our theme music throughout the campaign.