NZ vs SA

SuperSport wanted to position this series (T20’s, ODI’s and Tests) as a grudge match for SA, against the team that humiliated them in the World Cup, using less-than-gentlemanly tactics. The Proteas (SA) would not only have to ‘settle the score’, but they’d have to do it out of their comfort zone, in very hostile territory. The aim of the campaign was to educate the viewer about the huge emotional stakes in the series. It had all the makings of a classic contest, so we opted for a classic, old-school approach. Sweeping establishing shots, a strong edit, emotive copy, a cinematic score, subtle grading and visual treatment, and a graphic title board that borrowed its look from another rite of passage epic filmed in NZ- The Lord of The Rings. The series enjoyed extremely strong viewing figures, and may have inspired the SA team to literally climb mountains, in Switzerland, in mental preparation for their tour against England. SA thrashed NZ btw.