FA Cup 2013

The FA Cup has somewhat lost its appeal amongst fans over the past few seasons and our challenge was to bring it back to fans in a way that it would stay for good! Cue a legend of the F.A Cup (John Barnes), 15 teams that would participate in the tournament and a trip of a lifetime to the U.K to shoot it all!

Our idea was big, but budget, small…so it was decided to shoot John Barnes against chroma green and fly over to the U.K to shoot background plates so that we could key him in. We shot inside stadiums people only dream of going to – from Old Trafford and The Emirates to Tranmere Rovers and the charming Oldham Athletic…we did it all in 3 days!

Back home we had a strenuous task ahead of us – composing music that would evoke emotion, editing the monster and sifting through the abundance of footage… Oh, and of course keying in John Barnes (poor graphics guys)

The result was superb…and it shows that big jobs can be done on small budgets.