Tiger Wheel and Tyre

One of 6 retail ads we did for the client for their ‘Trending Treads’ campaign. Client wanted a strong retail emphasis in the ads so whatever hook we had up front needed to be short, sharp and eye-catching. In this ad we use some humour to communicate what is actually quite a serious message about the perils of driving a vehicle on old tyres. We found the perfect ledge on top of a hill in the middle of Jo’burg suburbia and composited the skid marks and smoke in afterwards. The warning title and voiceover pays homage to the 1970’s anti-smoking public service announcements- putting a fresh spin on a health hazard warning with which we should all be familiar. The ‘Trending Treads’ campaign concept actually came after the opening scene was conceived, but we felt that the marriage of the 2 ideas was a good one. The opening scene demonstrates why the viewer needs god tyres, the retail part tells them what to buy and where to get them.